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The Success Principles is OPEN TO ANYONE, including Spouses and CAs.  You don't have to be a Revolution Member to enjoy the benefits of this workshop.


The Success Principles was designed to help the student who feels lost with their future and the struggling doctor who feels like they have become stagnant or misguided with their practice. This class will help you get back on track and find that original direction you intended as a healer and entrepreneur.


The Success Principles is not technique specific by any means.  Anyone and any technique are welcome.


Topics Covered in The Success Principles:


  • Find Your Self Worth


  • The Power of Rejection


  • The Power of Goal Setting and Affirmations


  • How to Become Financially Independent


  • Should You Be an Associate, Independent Contractor, or Should You Open Your Own Practice?


  • Where Are Your Assets in Your Values?


  • The Power of Tithing


  • Creating Your Systems


  • Using Objectivity to Establish Life Long Patients


  • Most Common Mistakes New Docs Make in Their First 3 Years


  • Reaching Your Potential in Life and Practice


  • Setting Our Intentions For the Next Year

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