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Master the art of adjusting mama and baby with Drs. Ian Davis-Tremayne and Kacie Flegal. 


Dr. Ian and Dr Kacie bring a combined 20+ years of expertise in specialized prenatal and pediatric Chiropractic care through their experience in running highly successful practices.


With the foundation of a philosophically principled approach, you will learn the specificity and subtle nuances of caring for mommas and babies through full spine and Upper Cervical Care.


Drs. Ian and Kacie bring experience, passion and dynamic energy to this master class workshop.


If you want to care for mamas and babies in your practice or plan to, this class is not to be missed!



Hands-On Workshop:

  1. Observational exam and what changes in the pregnant body to specifically look for that may indicate the need for Chiropractic care.

  2. Specific spinal, muscular and fascial palpation techniques specifically relatable to the pregnant body.

  3. Specific orthopedic exams to use during pregnancy as well as contraindications.

  4. Breathwork techniques to encourage ease, movement and balancing of the pregnant mothers nervous system.

  5. Demonstration of spinal adjusting techniques as well as fascial and soft tissue pattern release specific for pregnancy.

  6. Demonstration of the Webster Technique (ICPA).

  7. Exercises to offer your pregnant mommas to support their Chiropractic care.

  8. The Upper Cervical Analysis for Infants and toddlers.

  9. Adjusting infants and toddlers (full spine and UC).

  10. Making sure they cleared out.

  11. Common complaints for infants and toddlers.

  12. At-home exercises for families with infants and toddlers.

Online Session:

Vaccine education and awareness workshop. Learn about how these medical procedures actually work, how to communicate to your community about them, and become an informed person for the benefit of your family and community.

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