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“The Upper Cervical Revolution Training Program empowered me to set the foundation for my practice based solely on principled Chiropractic. Out of nothing more than the love in their hearts and the love of pure Knee Chest Solid Head Piece Adjusting Technique; Dr. Ian Davis-Tremayne and Dr. Noah Kaplan taught an in-depth 6th-month course for understanding the Philosophy, Neurology, Business, Communication, Thermography and Radiology behind running a successful Upper Cervical Practice. Not to mention diving hardcore into the fundamentals of the Knee Chest adjusting technique used by B.J. Palmer at the end of his life, I can honestly say I would recommend any one of the badass U.C. Revolution Graduates for an adjustment. I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking an in-depth understanding of the Knee Chest technique. I am honored to call Ian and Noah mentors and the family that is the Upper Cervical Revolution will be colleagues I can count on for life."


"The Revolution Upper Cervical Training Program was one of the best chiropractic experiences I have had during my time in chiropractic school. Both Dr. Noah Kaplan and Ian Davis-Tremayne do a wonderful job of teaching the Art, Philosophy, and Science of Chiropractic. The program is much more than just an adjusting seminar. Not only will you will learn drills to help practice your art, you will also be instructed on the neurology of subluxation and what occurs during an adjustment, x-ray set-up, use of thermography scans to determine when and when NOT to adjust, how to communicate what you do, and as an added bonus they even begin to break down the business side of chiropractic.


Both instructors do a great job of making you feel like FAMILY. I always had the feeling that they genuinely cared about my progression and would do anything they could to help me along my path. This "family feeling" carries to the group you are training with and collectively you are able to rise to new heights of Upper Cervical Knee Chest mastery. 


If you are on the fence on whether or not to begin, just do it! The relationships you will form alone are more than worth every bit of the investment. Thanks, Dr. Kaplan and Davis-Tremayne!! My patients will be forever thankful for the wisdom you imparted on me."


"I participated in the Upper Cervical Revolution beginning in October of 2013 after meeting Dr. Tremayne during a workshop over the summer. I was impressed with Dr. Tremayne’s style of teaching and thought I definitely want to take the opportunity to learn from him. I was in my 4th quarter of chiropractic school at Life West and had no experience with the knee chest upper cervical technique. I am so glad that I decided to participate in the training program so early into the chiropractic program and I am so grateful that Dr. Tremayne and Dr. Kaplan took the time to teach me about this wonderful technique. We began practicing drills from the first day, which I think is crucial in the path to excellence. Along with the learning the drills they built a strong foundation on the philosophy and why we do what we do beginning on the first day. I feel that the way the program is laid out from start to finish gave me a great foundation to excel in the knee-chest upper cervical technique. Beginning with the philosophy the program then progresses to the neurology and thermography, then goes into how to take and read the x-rays. We are taught about various subluxation theories and then walked through a great business model that works. Throughout the modules, the students set personal and professional short and long-term goals, which I think is so important to carry throughout the rest of my school and into a successful chiropractic career. I definitely recommend any students and practicing doctors who are interested in the upper cervical knee chest technique to participate in this program no matter where they are in their school or career they will absolutely benefit. I truly feel that this program is worth every penny and it has been and honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to work with such amazing doctors."


"The Revolution is a serious and playful approach to Upper Cervical Chiropractic and was well-tailored to my schedule and my attitude towards seminars as being too long or not going in-depth enough. This course was excellently balanced. Dr.Davis-Tremayne wears his experiences on his sleeve and is perhaps the most die-hard yet the least judgmental of any instructors this student has come across. He makes his thoughts and insights clear but leaves the door open for you to make those connections yourself. Dr.Davis-Tremayne holds down the fort excellently but the class is steered by Dr.Kaplan. Both instructors live the content and honestly understand the challenges of the chiropractic student; not only to learn the content but to make the informed decision to become an upper cervical specialist and why. Highly recommended!"


"Growing up in a very principled Chiropractic family, I was taught that character matters in this profession. While in Chiropractic college I heard from everyone under the sun, telling me that I need to take the program they teach. Upon investigation, the majority of these people did not, and do not, practice what they preach. What they had to say on the stage was not what they did in practice. 


Dr. Tremayne and Dr. Kaplan are exceptional instructors who practice what they preach and have the ability to prove it every day with what they do.  My understanding of the profession and of the Knee Chest Specific technique has grown leaps and bounds due to these exceptional teachers. They are unselfish and humble in there approach to lead you down the correct path of Knee Chest Specific care. I would highly recommend the Upper Cervical Revolution to any Chiropractor who wishes to learn the Knee Chest Specific Upper Cervical technique."


"As a first quarter in chiropractic school, I participated in the UCR. At the time barely anyone from my class was starting seminars because they thought it was too soon - and I can 100% say it was not too soon and I do not regret my decision at all. The only part that was tricky was the anatomy part -as for the adjusting part (aka the most important thing you need to know once practicing), I was so grateful to have hands-on learning so early in the program. I feel this really set me up for success and grew my confidence from day 1. Dr. Tremayne is one of a kind, if you know him, you know what I mean. I wouldn’t choose to learn chiropractic from anyone but him. This program fills a HUGE gap that is missing in every school. Schools might teach you the upper cervical ABCs, but if you truly want to learn a way to approach healing the body that makes sense, instead of hearing “just trust your intuition and adjust there,” then I highly recommend taking this program. Each UCR group turns into a little family of support as you go through the modules together, and I’ve also made some lifelong relationships from the connections I made during the UCR. Needless to say, this program is worth every penny."


"I became interested in UCR when a bunch of my fellow chiropractic students were talking about the benefits of the fluidity and speed training movements taught at the seminars. I completed the program and am extremely grateful to have done it. I feel more confident in my body movement and speed that can be translated to any adjustment technique I decide to use. Dr. Ian changed my life with his wisdom and kindness, and he doesn’t even know it. He is a wealth of knowledge and an amazing resource. Dr. Tedder is also amazing and extremely thoughtful and kind. I felt so respected and welcomed and am so grateful to have met these men and gotten involved in UCR."


"UCR changed my life. Learning true, objective, principled chiropractic set the tone for my chiropractic career early in school. Using that knowledge in practice has changed so many lives even outside of KCUC care. I’m eternally grateful and appreciate everyone involved with UCR."


"From personal experience, Upper Cervical was always an elusive challenge. Honestly, the exemplary teaching of Ian Davis-Tremayne, Adam Tedder and Andy Burd helped build my confidence and open my eyes to how truly powerful this type of adjustment can be. I HIGHLY recommend these modules."


"Simply put, the UCR is life CHANGING. It changed mine in a 180 fashion. It all dates back to a good friend of mine saying I should come listen to one of the most principled Chiropractors she knows. I had no clue what principled meant because I was still figuring things out in my 4th quarter at the time. So I said, “What the heck, I got nothing else to do during this lunch.” I entered to the room and it was absolutely packed. Couldn’t even find a seat. I was like damn this guy must be famous around this school. As I sat there and heard Dr. Ian Davis-Tremayne Speak, he was laying down absolute knowledge, passion and what I know now chiropractic founded in principle. I was immediately drawn to this and one thing hooked me and started me down the path of the UCR. Dr. Ian stated “Chiropractic isn’t about me, it is about my patients. That is why I do what I do. If Chiropractic was about me I would be doing full spine racking and cracking because its fun. But it isn’t about me its about changing the lives of my patients and Upper Cervical Chiropractic is the best way I know how to.” That statement forever changed my life and set me on the course to figure out what this Upper Cervical business was. During the 5 modules of the UCR I constantly asked questions trying to understand this concept. What was hard is that Dr. Ian wasn’t throwing philosophy down my throat. He was stating facts that you just can’t argue with. And as the program progressed I fell in love with Upper Cervical Chiropractic. This principle was missing in the very school that is touted to have “The most principle”. So I dove in and haven’t looked back. The UCR is an amazing program that changed my life and has changed the lives of my patients. I love what the UCR has done for me in providing the opportunity to learn in being the most objective, principled, and loving chiropractor I can be. For this I am eternally grateful. No matter if you are a Full Spine guru or UC badass, this program is for everyone. It will push you in ways you have never been pushed mentally, physically and philosophically. Join us and make the world a better place."


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